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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Billion Dollar Brows Review

Recently I had the pleasure of reviewing products by Billion Dollar Brows, which is a company from California that specializes in products and knowledge on creating the perfect eyebrow.

In today's world of make-up, great eyebrows are extremely important.
I know for a fact that I need help when it comes to my eyebrows, and they are still something I am learning on how to "per-fect", so I'm very excited to present you with following review!

The first item I tested out is Billion Dollar Brows "Brow Boost", which is a primer and conditioner to help replenish brows and keep them looking full and healthy. 

I enjoy that Brow Boost glides on smooth and clear, has zero scent and that I had absolutely no irritation from this product. Brow Boost is vitamin-infused and paraben-free, it can be worn alone or once dry, under your makeup. 
The applicator is similar to the one found in lip glosses, and I found that a small amount of this product goes a long way, so it will last you a while. 

After just 2 days of use I had already found my eyebrows feeling softer and it tames the hairs that like to stand out of place!

The next item is one of Billon Dollar Brows cornerstone products, it is a  “no fuss, no muss” beauty product designed for people who are busy (moms, career women, students on the go, travellers, etc.), or people who aren't necessarily makeup experts but want a more polished yet natural look.

It is called "Hint Of Tint" which is a brow mascara that comes in colors Blonde, Taupe and Red.

(Pictured Above : Hint Of Tint, in the color Blonde, and swatch)

(Pictured Above : Hint Of Tint, in the color Taupe, and swatch)

My favorite thing about this product is how easily it covers the sparse areas of your brows, which I tend to sometimes have. The applicator is the same as a mascara wand, which enables you to easily cover and control where you want the product to go.

(Pictured Above : Hint Of Tint, in the color Blonde)

(Pictured Above : Hint Of Tint, in the color Taupe)

This product is available at your local Kohl’s store or on Kohl’, along with Billion Dollar Brows website, other department stores and beauty salons.

This last product I was lucky enough to review is another product that Billion Dollar Brows offers at Kohl's, as well as their own website.

It is called 60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows kit, and I personally believe that this kit is a game changer!

60 Seconds to Beautiful Brows comes with two of BDB's most popular products, a brow powder in the color taupe and a brow brush (pictured above).
My favorite thing about this kit is that it gives you everything you need to actually have perfect eyebrows in a single minute!

The brush includes an angled end to help define the shape you want, and a "spoolie" end to to help blend the product. I enjoy how thin the angle is on the brush, I find that it really lets you control the shape you want and helps the powder glide on easily!

The Verdict

These three products by Billion Dollar Brows have definitely left me feeling a lot more confident when it comes to my eyebrows, I actually look forward to this part of my makeup routine!

I hope that this review was helpful to anyone looking for products to help step up their eyebrow game, now you too can have your "eyebrows on fleek"!!

* Check out Billion Dollar Brows! *


What is your eyebrow makeup routine?

 *I received this product from Billion Dollar Brows in exchange for my honest review. 
All opinions are of my own*

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